About Pump Service Idaho

Mitchell Machine Shop

The business got its start in the mid-1950’s when the original owner, Morris Mitchell was operating a machine shop south of Burley called Mitchell Machine Shop. Morris found himself without water one day and called a popular local pump outfit to remedy the problem. After a couple days they showed up and got the water going and handed him a bill that he felt was exorbitant given the poor service and the actual work done. Morris figured he had the tools and the know-how to do what they had done, but that he could do it at a fair price and provide first-class service to boot. The pump business was born.

Pump Service, Inc.

In 1978 Mitchell sold his business to his “nephew”, Henry Baker, who changed the name to Pump Service, Inc.—given that pumps and water systems were now the primary focus of the company. Henry passed the business along to his sons, Steve and Legrand Baker, in 2005. While the old fashioned pumps and water systems Morris Mitchell sold and serviced in the beginning are a thing of the past, the exceptional service continues today. We at Pump Service, Inc. pride ourselves in offering the highest quality pumps and accessories on the market at a fair price. But our greatest satisfaction comes from providing prompt, professional, same-day service when you need it most.

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