3 Steps for Keeping Your Well from Running Dry

3 Steps for Keeping Your Well from Running Dry

3 Steps for Keeping Your Well from Running Dry

Many homeowners who rely upon well water are concerned about the possibility of running their well dry. While this is not likely to happen for most homeowners with a properly installed well, there are a few steps that you can take to help prevent your well from running dry. Here is a look at just a few. 

Know Your Levels

Depending upon your location, it may not be uncommon for water levels to rise and fall. Water levels may run low in the winter, for example, while seeing a bit of a boost in the spring. By being aware of these water cycles, you will know when you may need to be more cautious about your water usage. 

Address Leaks

Leaks are typically the biggest waster of water for homeowners. In fact, it is possible to lose hundreds of gallons of water each year. Therefore, if you have any leaks in your system, you should take steps to address and repair those leaks right away. Leaks may be traced back to a faucet, a pipe or the well itself. Having your system inspected will help to identify these leaks so they can be repaired. 

Take Steps to Conserve Water

You can also take certain steps to conserve the amount of water you are using. Spreading out your water-based chores, such as washing the car and doing laundry, can help to relieve the amount of pressure you are putting on your water supply. Even spacing your laundry out throughout the week rather than doing it all on the same day may be beneficial.

Get Involved

The amount of people using water in your community will also have an effect on your water supply. Therefore, it is a good idea to get involved in your community and its planned development. By making sure developments and wells are spaced out, you will help reduce the amount of water you lose to your neighbors.

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