4 Steps for Maintaining Pure Water in Your Home

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4 Steps for Maintaining Pure Water in Your Home

Are you trying to determine the best way to keep the water pure in your home? If so, implementing these simple steps can help to provide your home with the purest water possible.

Step #1: Install a Sediment Filter

Installing a sediment filter is helpful way to trap and separate large particles of debris that may be in your water, such as sand or dust. Essentially working as a sieve for your water, a water sediment filter can come in the form of a cartridge or a bag. Cartridge filters are typically preferred because they can filter out contaminants that are less than 100 ppm or less than 0.01% in weight. Bag filters, on the other hand, are effective for removing contaminants between 1 and 200 microns.

Step #2: Utilize a Chlorinator

A chlorinator is used to disinfect your water, which helps to address issues regarding bacteria in the water. By converting the salts in your water into disinfecting components, a chlorinator is able to kill a significant variety of different types of germs.

Step #3: Use a Resin Filter

A resin filter, also referred to as a polymer, is helpful in activating an ion exchange, which assists with the process of decontamination and purification. This type of filter is particularly good for removing magnesium and calcium ions from your water, which helps to address hard water concerns.

Step #4: Install a Carbon Filter

If your water has an unpleasant taste or smell, an activated carbon filter can help to address the problem. An activated carbon filter works by absorbing and, therefore, removing contaminants from your water. Carbon filters are available in both granular and block form, with the surface area of four grams of carbon being equivalent to the same size as a football field.

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