Curing Low Water Pressure Issues in Your Home

Curing Low Water Pressure Issues in Your Home

Curing Low Water Pressure Issues in Your Home

Experiencing issues with your water pressure can become quite frustrating, particularly if the lack of water pressure makes it impossible for you to enjoy your home. If you are experiencing problems with low water pressure, there are several steps that you can take to try to get your pressure up to the level that you prefer. 

Inspect Your Pipes

Low water pressure is often contributed to problems with pipes. If your pipes are clogged, you will need to unclog the pipes in order to get back your pressure. You should also inspect faucets and showerheads to ensure they are clean and free from buildup. If you find any buildup in these areas, clean them immediately and see if that improves your water pressure situation. 

Install a Constant Pressure System

If your pipes, faucets and showerheads are free and clear, you may want to consider installing a constant pressure system. A constant pressure system helps to regulate water pressure even when the water is turned up. It is particularly helpful if you have to pump water to rooms located on different floors in the home. A constant pressure system also helps to maintain a steady flow of water in different parts of the home regardless of how many faucets are being used at the same time. Even better, a constant pressure system is easy to install directly to your water line. 

Adjust the Pressure Switch

If you are still having problems with your water pressure, you may need to make adjustments to your pressure switch. The standard water pressure for a home is 60 pounds per square inch. If your pressure is below 40 psi, it is likely the reason behind your low pressure problems. 

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