Get Rid of Hard Water with a Water Softener Ion Exchange

Get Rid of Hard Water with a Water Softener Ion Exchange

Get Rid of Hard Water with a Water Softener Ion Exchange

Using a water softener is a great way to keep harsh minerals out of your water supply. Not only can this help your water taste better, but it also makes your water more effective when used with soaps while also helping to prevent build-up in your pipes and hard water stains on your appliances.

How Does My Water Softener Work?

When purchasing a water softener for your home, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of how one works. In short, your water softener utilizes a special type of salt that is specifically designed for use in water softeners. While sodium chloride is most commonly used in water softeners, potassium chloride is also sometimes used. Potassium chloride is generally more expensive and, therefore, is typically only used by those with special health concerns that prevent them from using sodium chloride or by those who are concerned about the potential environmental effects of using sodium chloride. 

Regardless of the type of salt that is used, the salt helps to make your water “soft” by replacing the minerals in the water with either sodium or potassium. In most cases, those minerals that are replaced by this process – a process known as an ion exchange – are calcium and magnesium.

What is Meant by “Ion Exchange”?

An ion exchange is a process in which charged particles are interchanged with others with a like charge. Both calcium and magnesium carry a positive charge, which causes them to cling to the negatively-charged polystyrene beads that are found inside of the water softener tank. When the saltwater solution is flushed through your water softener tank, the sodium or potassium ions move the magnesium and calcium ions off of the beads. In other words, the unwanted minerals are exchanged for ones that are more desirable, thereby transforming your water from being “hard” to being “soft”.

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