Removing Lead from Your Hazelton Home with Proper Water Conditioning

Hazelton Water Conditioning

Removing Lead from Your Hazelton Home with Proper Water Conditioning

Installing a water conditioning system in your Hazelton home is an important part of ensuring your water is suitable for drinking, washing and bathing. Water that is contaminated may look cloudy, have a strange odor or may leave stains behind on your sink, in your shower and toilet, or on other appliances that use water in your home. To help properly address these contaminants, you first need to identify what they are. Although rarely found in drinking water, lead is one contaminant that may be found in your water.

How Does Lead Get Into Water?

In most cases, lead gets into water after the ground water becomes contaminated by paint, gasoline or other chemicals containing lead. In some cases, older private wells may have also been built with lead components or they may still utilize lead pipes that have not been removed.

What are the Dangers of Lead in Water?

Exposure and ingestion of lead can lead to a number of problems, particularly in young children. Young children who ingest lead can suffer from lead poisoning, which can lead to developmental delays, learning difficulties, loss of appetite, weight loss, irritability, fatigue, abdominal pain and vomiting. No save flood lead threshold has been identified for children.

How is Lead Removed from Water?

If you are concerned about the possibility of lead being in the water of your Hazelton home, you need to first have your water tested by a professional. The technician can then recommend a solution to your problem, which can range from installing a whole-house water filter to replacing the pump and the pipes in your home.

To learn more about water conditioning in Hazelton, Idaho, contact the professionals and Pump Service Idaho. We will be happy to test your water for lead and other contaminants so we can recommend the water conditioning options that are best for you and your home.

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