Is a Second Water Pump Right for You?

Is a Second Water Pump Right for You?

Is a Second Water Pump Right for You?

While no one wants to think that their water pump is going to go out unexpectedly, the reality is that every pump will ultimately reach the point of failure and leave you without the ability to pump water. In order to address this potential problem, you may want to consider adding a second “backup” pump to your system. When trying to determine if this is the right step for you, there are two primary questions that you should ask yourself.

Can I Properly Store a Backup Pump?

Most water pumps can be stored for up to five years without developing problems with the mechanical seals caused by drying out. This means the pump will need to be stored in a room temperature environment that does not get below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The storage space must also maintain humidity levels of less than 70 percent. The pump will also need to be kept out of sunlight and away from contaminants such as oils and other solvents. 

Is the Cost of “Down Time” More Than the Cost of a Second Pump?

When your water pump goes out, it can take some time to get it replaced. After all, you need to find a replacement that is the right type and style for your system, which means a proper replacement may not be immediately available. If you are a business owner, the lack of a pump can result in the loss of employee productivity and money. As a homeowner, this down time can create many headaches that you may wish to avoid.

The down time may also result in extra expenses if you find yourself needing to book a hotel room to meet the needs of you and your family. By weighing these costs against the cost of a second pump, you can determine which has more value for you.

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