Preparing Your Outdoor Water Pump for the Winter

Preparing Your Outdoor Water Pump for the Winter

Preparing Your Outdoor Water Pump for the Winter

With winter only a few months away, it is a good time to start thinking about how you plan to winterize your outdoor water pumps. For those pumps that provide water to your home, you shouldn’t have to take any steps to get the pump ready for winter. If the system was properly installed with elements of the watering system located below the freezing point, the risk of freezing is minimal if nonexistent. If you have outdoor water pumps in place for things such as pond aeration, irrigation systems or fountains, however, you will need to take steps to get these systems properly prepared in order to prevent them from becoming damaged in cold weather.

The number one concern when preparing a water pump for the winter is taking steps to prevent icing from occurring. Since water expands when it freezes, it can cause damage within a closed system as it expands with no place to go. Ultimately, this expansion can cause the water pump, pipes and other equipment to break, thereby damaging your system and possibly damaging other nearby structures. 

If possible, the best option for preventing icing is to simply bring the pump indoors. To do this, you should disconnect the pump from the system and drain the water before storing it in an area that will not get cold enough to freeze. Be sure to keep the drain plugs as well as the intake and ejection ports open when storing the pump, as this will allow air into the pump so any residual water can drain out. 

Even with the water removed, the system should be brought indoors in order to minimize exposure to cold temperatures, which can place additional wear on seals, gaskets and other components. If the pump must remain outdoors, you should drain it and them add food grade propylene glycol into the pump body. Since propylene glycol will not freeze, it will help to prevent ice from developing. 

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