Removing Iron with Your Paul, Iron Water Conditioning System

Removing Iron with Your Paul, Iron Water Conditioning System

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Iron is one of the most common well water problems that homeowners face. In addition to staining water fixtures and appliances, excessive iron can also clog the pipes in your walls. For this reason, it is important to install a water conditioning system in your Paul, Idaho home in order to prevent this type of damage from occurring. Unlike magnesium and calcium, however, iron can be a bit more difficult to remove with the standard water softening system. This is largely due to the fact that there are many different forms of iron that can be found in well water, thereby requiring a different form of water treatment for removal. These different types of iron include:

  • Bacterial Iron: Typically identified by the presence of slime in places such as toilet reservoirs or in the water softener or water filters.
  • Ferric Iron: Also known as Red Water Iron, this form gives water a red rest coloring. It is formed when carbon dioxide leaves the water and oxygen combines with the iron to create ferric ions.
  • Ferrous Iron: Also known as Clearwater Iron, this form is typically found in deeper wells and groundwater sources because it is found in water with no oxygen. In this form, carbon dioxide acts on iron in the ground and forms soluble ferrous bicarbonate, which becomes ferrous ions when in water.

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Treatment for these various forms of iron ranges from chlorination to using special filtering systems. Treatment may also require using a softening process similar to that used for calcium and magnesium that relies on an ion exchange system.

If you have concerns about excessive iron in the water system of your Paul, Idaho home, contact Pump Service Idaho today! We will test your water and help you determine the best method for getting the purest water possible.

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