Pump Services, Inc: Your Magic Valley Sand Point Well Service Experts

Sand Point Well Experts

Pump Services, Inc: Your Magic Valley Sand Point Well Service Experts

How does a Sand Point Well work? We can show you!

IMPORTANT INFO: This is an article about Sand Point Well Systems and how Pump Service Inc. can install and maintain these systems in the Magic Valley (southeast Idaho). We DO NOT provide service to the city of Sandpoint, Idaho.

For those who are looking to supply irrigation water for a lawn or to deliver water for livestock, a sand point well may be the answer. A sand point is a short section of perforated pipe with a fine screen covering the perforations and a point on one end. This is attached to a longer pipe and then driven into the ground until a water-bearing sand and gravel layer is reached. A pump is then attached to the top end of the pipe so fresh water can be drawn out of the ground.

Fortunately, for those who are in need of installation services, they don’t have to look far to find Magic Valley sand point well service experts. In fact, Pump Services, Inc. offers decades of experience coupled with the best water pumps and systems in the industry. While a sand pipe well may not work best in all situations, it is a good choice for areas where shallow water is available.

Dedicated to quality services and high-quality water systems, Pump Service, Inc. offers same day installation services. By specializing in pumps and water systems, we are able to offer the best systems and accessories that the industry has to offer. If you are ready to talk to the most experienced Magic Valley sand point well service experts in the area, contact Pump Service, Inc. today!

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