Testing Your Shoshone Idaho Well to Ensure it is Contaminant-Free

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Testing Your Shoshone Idaho Well to Ensure it is Contaminant-Free

With more than 15 million households in the United States relying upon private wells to provide their homes with drinking water, it is important to know how to maintain these wells and protect them from contamination. While having a well installed in your Shoshone Idaho home is a great way to give yourself extra freedom while saving money on your water bill, there are several potential hazards that can contaminate your water. Some of these potential sources of contamination include:

  • Landfill seepage
  • Waste from failed septic tanks
  • Fertilizers and pesticides
  • Seepage from underground storage tanks
  • Runoff from urban areas

Since private wells are not checked by experts on a regular basis in the same way as public drinking water systems, it is up to the homeowner to take steps to protect the well from contamination while also periodically checking the water to ensure it is safe.

When checking well water, it is important to do more than just a basic water screening. While one of these screenings will provide some good basic information about the water, there are some “blind spots” to these tests that fail to give information about levels of things such as arsenic, lead, mercury, chromium or VOCs. Therefore, you should be sure to conduct a comprehensive test that tests for these chemicals in addition to the basics that are covered with the typical water screening.

To ensure your well is functioning properly, it is also a good idea to have it periodically inspected. Not only will this help to further ensure there are no contaminants, but it will also ensure the well is running efficiently. To have the well and your water tested in your Shoshone, Idaho home, feel free to contact Pump Service Idaho. We will be happy to complete a thorough inspection while also providing you with advice and assistance toward ensuring your well and its water are contaminant-free.

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