Understanding Your Deep Well Pump System in Carey, Idaho

Understanding Your Deep Well Pump System in Carey, Idaho

Pump Service provides information about Deep Well Pump System in Carey, Idaho

When installing a deep well pump system in Carey, Idaho, it is helpful to gain a better understanding of how this type of system works. While you may not be called upon to make repairs to the system, having a basic understanding of how the system works will help you to identify problems that may arise as you monitor the effectiveness of your systems.

The Set Up

Most well systems have a submersible pump that pumps water directly to the house from beneath the water. Some systems, however, have “jet pumps” that are located on the top of the well. In most cases, well pumps are used in conjunction with a pressure tank.

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Turning Itself On and Off

When installing a well water pump system, the goal is to use the system to maintain a constant supply of pressurized water inside of the home and within the piping system. To maintain the desired amount of water pressure, a pressure switch is used to switch the well pump on and off. When the switch senses that the pressure is at a minimal point, or the “cut in” point, the pump turns on. When the switch notices that it is at a pre-set high pressure point, or the “cut off” point, it turns off.

Alternative Systems

Some systems do not have a simply on and off pressure switch. Instead, they have a pressure sensing unit that works by using a controller that allows the water pump to pump varying amounts of water in a gradual manner. This type of system is called a “continuous pressure” system and uses a variable speed pump. This allows the pump motor to rotate more rapidly or more slowly, thereby changing the speed at which the water is pump based on the pressure sensing unit. While these types of pumps are becoming increasingly more popular, the simple on and off pressure switch is still the most common.

To learn more about how deep well pump systems work or how to install one in your Carey, Idaho home, contact Pump Service today! We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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