Understanding How the Water Softener Works in Your Wendell, Idaho Home

Understanding How the Water Softener Works in Your Wendell, Idaho Home

Understanding How the Water Softener Works in Your Wendell, Idaho Home

While there are no negative health effects associated with using or drinking hard water, using hard water in your home can cause several issues. For example, the hard water buildup can cause your pipes to become clogged over time and can have a negative impact on your faucets and other aspects of your plumbing. Hard water also makes water work less effectively, which means your clothes may not get as clean, your skin may become dry and your glasses may have hard water spots even after they have been washed. To help prevent these issues with your Wendell, Idaho home, it is helpful to install a water softener.

How Does a Water Softener Help Address Hard Water Issues?

A water softener uses a special type of salt that is specifically designed to be used in water softeners. This salt can be either in the form of sodium chloride or potassium chloride, with sodium chloride being the most commonly used form. Generally speaking, potassium chloride is only used by those with health issues requiring a reduction in sodium intake or by those who are concerned about the potentially negative environmental effects associated with sodium chloride.

Whether using sodium chloride or potassium chloride, the salt helps to soften the water by replacing the soft water minerals in the water with either the sodium or potassium. This is completed through an ion exchange process, with magnesium and calcium being the minerals that are most commonly replaced.

How Does an Ion Exchange Work?

Simply put, calcium and magnesium both carry a positive charge, which means they cling to the negatively-charged polystyrene beads inside of the water softener tank. When a brine solution is flushed through the tank, the sodium or potassium ions drive the calcium and magnesium ions off the beads. The sodium or potassium then goes into the water. To learn more about this process or to answer any questions that you have about your Wendell, Idaho water softener, contact Pump Service Idaho today!

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