Three Facts You Should Know About Water Pumps

Three Facts You Should Know About Water Pumps

Three Facts You Should Know About Water Pumps

Despite the large number of homeowners who rely upon a water well to provide water to their homes, many know very little about these water systems and how they work. To that end, here is a closer look at some of the lesser known facts about home water pump systems.

Sizes Vary

Believe it or not, water pumps are not “one size fits all”. Not only do different households have different needs, but not all water pumps will work with just any water tank. Therefore, you need to make sure the water well pump that you purchase is ideal for the water pressure needs of your home and is properly matched with the tank. 


While some pumps are designed to bring water in, others are designed to pump it out. A water well pump pushes water from your water well through the plumbing in your house, while a sump pump keeps water out of your basement or crawl space in order to prevent flooding and water damage. If your home is in a low-lying area or if your basement frequently gets wet when it rains, a sump pump may be necessary.


Generally speaking, the average life span for a submersible pump is about ten years. Therefore, if you have had your pump for around ten years, it may be time to start looking at purchasing a new one. On the other hand, there are certain brands that can easily last for up to 20 years. 

To purchase a pump with a long lifespan, contact the professionals at Pump Service Idaho to learn more about your options and select the pump that is right for you. We will also be happy to help you explore your needs in order to determine the size and type of pump that you need to meet the unique needs of your household. 

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