What to Inspect from a Well Inspection

What to Inspect from a Well Inspection

What to Inspect from a Well Inspection

As part of your regular well maintenance routine, it is a good idea to have your well periodically inspected. When hiring someone to complete a well inspection, it is helpful to know what is typically included in an inspection so you will be better prepared for what to expect.

Inside the Home

The typical well inspection will actually start inside your home. This includes checking the water tank as well as its fittings and valves. The inspector will examine the entire tank to ensure it is working correctly while also looking for signs of corrosion, decay or rust. 

If your home has a water softener, this part of the system will also be inspected. The inspector will check the salt levels while also examining the softener for signs of sulfur, iron or hardness. The inspector will also inspect the outside tank components as well as the general condition of the inside of the tank. 

If anything is I need of repair or replacement, this information will be included on your report. This information can then be more thoroughly discussed with you as you exlore your options. 

Outside the Home

After inspecting your indoor system, the inspector will then move outside to check the well and its components. This part of the process involves inspecting the pump and checking it for both volume and pressure. The inspector will also take off the well cap in order to examine the water level as the pump runs. Throughout the entire process, the inspector will be checking to see if any of the well pump is in need of repair. 

Whether you are the current owner of a home and want to have your well inspected or you are purchasing a new home and you are in need of a well inspection, Pump Service Idaho can help! Contact us today to learn more!

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