4 Tips for Keeping Your Well Water Safe

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Well Water Safe

When installing a well in your Oakley, Idaho home, it is only natural to feel considered about keeping your well water safe. While well water is a great natural option for most homes, there are a few steps that you should take to ensure the water remains safe to drink for years to come.

Tip #1: Maintain Your Well

Maintaining your well and addressing problems early will allow you to correct any issues while protecting the overall performance of your well. Rather than wait until a problem develops, provide your well with regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently.

Tip #2: Keep Records

Whether performing routine maintenance or completing repairs, you should be sure to keep records of the work that has been done to your well. This will help you to identify changes or possible problems that might need to be addressed within your system.

Tip #3: Follow Safe Practices

As a homeowner, you can help to keep your well contaminate-free by being careful with what you place near your well. Exercise caution when storing items by your well or when disposing of household chemicals and waste. This includes chemicals used for the lawn or for gardening, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Similarly, if you have pets or livestock, make sure their waste is not allowed near the area where your well is located.

Tip #4: Prevent Runoff

To further assist with keeping your well water clean, you should take steps to reduce erosion and to prevent surface water runoff near your well. This may involve building up the ground in the area where your well is located in order to encourage runoff to run away from your well rather than directly toward it.

If you have concerns about the well at your Oakley, Idaho home or you simply are ready to install a new one, contact Pump Service Idaho. We will be happy to assist you with all of your well needs!

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