Exploring the Benefits of Clean Water in Your Home

Exploring the Benefits of Clean Water in Your Home

Exploring the Benefits of Clean Water in Your Home

With our bodies being composed of about 60 percent water, it is particularly important to ensure that you keep your body hydrated and that the water you consume is clean and safe to drink. This means your water should be free from disease-causing pathogens while also being clear, colorless and free from offensive odors. Not only will this make the water more pleasant to consume, but there are also a number of health benefits associated with consuming clean and clear water.

Keeping Your Body Healthy

According to medical experts, consuming clean water helps your body in many ways. First, water helps to keep your joints lubricated. This is because the cartilage in your joints as well as in the discs of your spine are made of about 80 percent water. 

Consuming clean water also helps your mouth form the saliva and mucus that it needs to digest your good while also keeping your nose and eyes moist. This helps to reduce friction, thereby preventing damage to these sensitive parts of the body. Since water also helps to regulate body temperature and maintain blood pressure, it also protects you from developing problems with constipation, stomach acid, heartburn and kidney damage. 

Water also helps to deliver oxygen throughout your body. Not only is this good for your health, but it also good for your skin. By drinking ample amounts of clean water, you reduce your risk of developing skin disorders and premature wrinkling. Research has also shown that drinking water is good for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

Maintaining Your Brain

Consuming clean water is also am important part of helping to keep your brain sharp. In fact, if you become dehydrated for a period of time, you may find yourself having difficulty with reasoning and thinking. Water also helps to cushion your brain, spinal cord and other tissues, thereby keeping it protected during day-to-day activities. 

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