Choosing the Right Shallow Well Pump

Choosing the Right Shallow Well Pump

Choosing the Right Shallow Well Pump

When selecting a pump for your well, one of the things you need to consider is the depth of your well. Generally speaking, the deeper your well, the more likely you are to need a submersible pump. If you have a shallow water well, however, you may want to use a jet pump. Knowing the differences between the two will help you make the right decision for your property.

What is the Difference Between a Deep or Shallow Well?

The difference between a deep or shallow well really comes down to how high the water table is in your area. It is far easier to access water with a higher water table than it is with a lower water table, as a lower water table will require you to drill a deeper well in order to reach water. Generally speaking, experts recommend using a shallow well jet pump if the depth is less than 25 feet. If the depth is between 25 and 110 feet, a deep well jet pump is typically the better option. If it is between 25 and 400 feet deep, a submersible pump is likely to be the better choice. While there is some debate within the industry regarding the best choice for a depth that is between 25 and 110 feet, anything beyond 110 feet should certainly use a submersible pump.

How Do I Choose a Shallow Well Pump?

In general, a single drop jet pump system is the best option when in need of a shallow well pump. This type of pump utilizes a one-way check valve, which ensures the pump stays constantly primed. This type of pump sits above ground and draws water in through an inlet pipe. Due to the simplicity of the mechanics behind this type of pump, it has few maintenance requirements and is quite straightforward to use. 

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