Using Your Twin Falls Well Pump Service for Problems with the Expansion Tank

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Using Your Twin Falls Well Pump Service for Problems with the Expansion Tank

After installing a well pump in your Twin Falls, Idaho home, one of the components you will notice is an expansion tank. Understanding the purpose of the expansion tank will help you with properly maintaining your system and addressing issues as they occur.

What is an Expansion Tank?

Similar in appearance to a small propane tank, an expansion tank is generally installed near to the water heater or boiler. The inside of the tank is divided into two sides by a flexible diaphragm. The “wet” side connects to the plumbing system with a NPTM connection while the “dry” side has a valve that is used to adjust the pressure of the tank as needed.

How Does an Expansion Tank Work?

Most expansion takes come pressured to 12 to 40 psi, with the pressure from the air on the dry side causing the diaphragm to push against the water inlet. As the water pressure increases, the lower pressure air compresses and the tank fills with water. When the water pressure decreases, the air pressure forces the water out of the tank and into the pipes. When someone opens a faucet in your Twin Falls home, the air pressure in the tank squeezes the bladder and forces the water out. After enough water is used to lower the pressure, the switch turns the pump back on in order to maintain the proper amount of water pressure.

What are the Signs of Problems with the Expansion Tank?

Excessive pressure on the well pump can ultimately lead to expansion tank failure. A decrease in water pressure is the most obvious sign that something may be wrong with the expansion tank. Other signs include dirty water, loud or odd noises coming from the tank, air spitting from the faucet or an unusually high electric bill caused by the pump running continuously in order to maintain water pressure. If you suspect you may be having problems with the expansion tank in your Twin Falls home, contact Pump Service Idaho today! We will be happy to help you get your system running again in proper order.

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