Exploring Common Causes for Water Loss in Your Bellevue, Idaho Home

Exploring Common Causes for Water Loss in Your Bellevue, Idaho Home

Pump Service Inc. Idaho discusses Water Loss and Solutions

If you are experiencing problems with Water Loss from your Bellevue well pump, there are a number of different possible causes. While some causes can be easily identified and repaired at home without needing to call a professional, other problems will require professional help to repair.

Power Loss

One common cause of water pressure loss is power loss. Since the pressure switch on your tank and your pump both require electricity to operate, you will only have as much water as your pressure tank is holding. Even if you are not experiencing a complete loss of power, the breaker that supplies electricity to the pump may have blown. In this case, simply moving the breaker to the “on” position will help get your pump running again. If this does not solve the problem, however, you should switch the breaker back to “off” in order to prevent further damage.


Low Water Table

If you have undergone a drought or a dry spell, your water table may be so low that it is not able to adequately supply your well. If your water table is low, you might notice the water sputtering from your tap. The water that comes out may be a bit murky or have a noticeably different taste. Depending on your situation, it may be necessary to drill your pump deeper in order to obtain an adequate amount of water.

Overworked Pump

A water pump that is not the proper size for your home can become overworked, causing it to cycle on and off several times per day. The size of your pump is determined by the size of your plumbing system, how many appliances use water in your home and how many faucets the home has. If your pump is overworked, it may be time to install a larger one that is better capable of handling the water needs of your home.

Regardless of the cause of your water issues, you can count on Pump Service Idaho to handle all of your Bellevue well pump service needs! Contact us today to learn more.

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