Protecting Your Water System During Extreme Weather Events

Protecting Your Water System During Extreme Weather Events

Protecting Your Water System During Extreme Weather Events

Extreme weather events such as tornados, floods, and severe storms can have a significant impact on your water system.

Here are some tips on how to protect your water system during these situations:

  1. Secure outdoor components: If you know a storm or flood is coming, make sure to secure any outdoor components of your water system, such as pumps, well caps, and storage tanks. This will help prevent damage and potential contamination.
  2. Monitor for leaks: Heavy rain or flooding can cause the ground to shift, which can lead to leaks in your water system. Keep an eye out for any signs of leaks and contact a professional if you suspect any issues.
  3. Have a backup power source: In cases of power outages, having a backup generator can ensure that your water system continues to function properly. This is especially important if you rely on well water.
  4. Be prepared for boil advisories: If there is a loss of power or damage to the water treatment plant, your local authorities may issue a boil water advisory. Make sure to have a supply of bottled water or boil your tap water before consuming it.

At Pump Service Idaho, we understand the importance of protecting your water system during extreme weather events. That’s why we offer emergency services and can help with any repairs or maintenance needed in these situations. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Stay safe and prepared during extreme weather events by following these tips. Thank you for choosing Pump Service Idaho as your trusted provider for all your water system needs! Keep an eye out for more informative blogs from us in the future.

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