Examining Common Water Contaminants: Arsenic

Examining Common Water Contaminants: Arsenic

Examining Common Water Contaminants: Arsenic

A semi-metallic element with the chemical symbol of As, arsenic occurs naturally in rock, soil and the water that comes into contact with contaminated rock and soil. Arsenic can also combine with other elements to form inorganic and organic arsenicals, with the inorganic derivatives typically being more toxic than organic. Inorganic forms are also the most commonly found derivatives in water.

Is Arsenic in Your Water?

Exposure to arsenic in drinking water is a significant health concern in certain parts of the United States, particularly in those areas where bedrock contains unusually high levels of the element. “Hot spots” include Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire and certain parts of the Southwest and the Rockies. Nonetheless, arsenic should still be monitored in the Magic Valley region of Idaho as well. Both odorless and tasteless, arsenic cannot be identified in water without the help of a test.

What are the Dangers of Arsenic In Water?

Arsenic is a known human carcinogen at high levels of exposure. The element is also known to affect the vascular system and has been associated with the development of diabetes. Some symptoms that are associated with arsenic poisoning include stomach pain, discoloration of the skin, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, partial paralysis, numbness in the hands and feet and blindness.

As a homeowner using well water in the Magic Valley region of Idaho, it is important to have your water tested annually to check for all types of contaminants. Arsenic is one of the contaminants that should be monitored to ensure your water meets the EPA guidelines of no more than 10 micrograms per liter of arsenic in your water. If you are ready to have your Magic Valley water tested, contact Pump Service Idaho today! We will be happy to help you achieve the cleanest and safest water possible for your Idaho home.

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