Examining Common Water Contaminants: Perchlorate

Examining Common Water Contaminants: Perchlorate

Examining Common Water Contaminants: Perchlorate

Occurring naturally in arid states in the Southwest United States, perchlorate is also found in nitrate fertilizer deposits and in potash ore. Formed naturally in the atmosphere, perchlorate is also manufactured and used in explosives, fireworks, rocket propellant and road flares. As such, it is also sometimes found in water systems as well as in food.

How Does Perchlorate Get Into Drinking Water?

Since perchlorate is naturally occurring, it is relatively easy for it to get into drinking water. It is also commonly detected in water supplies that are near to where solid rocket fuel is manufactured or used. Since perchlorate dissolves easily and is relatively stable and mobile in water, it remains in water that has not been properly treated. Unfortunately, it cannot be removed by heating or boiling the water. Rather, advanced treatment technologies must be used. Options include rengenerable and single-pass ion exchange, fixed- and fluidized-bed biological treatment and reverse osmosis.

What are the Health Concerns Associated with Perchlorate?

Perchlorate in drinking water can affect the function of the thyroid gland by preventing it from absorbing the iodine needed to produce the thyroid hormone. The thyroid plays an important role in metabolism and is also essential for making and storing hormones that help to regulate body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and the rate at which food is converted into energy. In infants, thyroid hormones are also necessary for normal growth and development of the central nervous system.

To ensure your water is free from perchlorate, it needs to be tested by a water professional. A Pump Service Idaho, we will be happy to test your water in order to ensure it is free from perchlorate and other contaminants. If contaminants are found in the water of your Magic Valley well, we will discuss options with you to get your water as clean and healthy as possible.

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