Considering Water Pressure When Choosing a Water Filtration System

Considering Water Pressure When Choosing a Water Filtration System

Considering Water Pressure When Choosing a Water Filtration System

Choosing a water filtration system can be a tricky endeavor. Not only do you need to ensure that the system you selected addresses the specific issues that you are facing with your water, but you also need to select a water filtration system that will properly work with the pump system that you have in place. While flow rate is one variable that needs to be matched up, water pressure is another important consideration.

Water Pressure and Your Water Treatment System

Nearly all water treatment systems cause a decrease in water pressure as the water passes through the system. Therefore, it is important to determine the water pressure from the well pump before selecting the water treatment system that is to be used. Failure to take water pressure into consideration will likely result in a reduction of water pressure when taking a shower or otherwise using the water in the home. While this does not necessarily mean a complete shutdown of your water, the reduced water pressure can be unpleasant and can make your water usage less efficient.

Testing the System

To ensure you have water pressure at the most desirable levels, you should have an expert inspect your system and determine the water treatment equipment that is best-suited to the system that you currently have in place. This will involve considering the types of contaminants that need to be removed while also ensuring the water treatment system matches with the flow rate of your system without creating a significant drag on your water pressure.

If you are interested in having a water treatment system installed in your Magic Valley, Idaho home, contact Pump Service today. We will be happy to test your water in order to determine the type of treatment that is needed so we can help you select the best water treatment system for use in your home.

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