Is it Time to Replace Your Water Pump?

Is it Time to Replace Your Water Pump?

Is it Time to Replace Your Water Pump?

While no one wants to have to replace their water pump, the reality is that yours may be in such bad shape that you are left with no other choice but to replace it. Unfortunately, determining whether or not your pump has to be replaced is not always a simple task. This is partially due to the fact that you have limited visibility with a pump. In addition, pinpointing the exact problem with the pump can be difficult. Nonetheless, there are a few signs that it may be time to replace your pump.

Reasons Why Your Pump Needs to Be Replaced

Anything that puts extra strain on your water pump can lead to its failure. If this happens, your water pump will no longer perform as efficiently as it should. In some cases, it may stop working altogether. If it continues to work but at a reduced capacity, you may experience a lessening in the quality and quantity of water output as well as an increase in your electric bill.

Signs That Your Pump Needs to Be Replaced

Several signs may indicate that your pump needs to be replaced. Some of these include:

  • Your water is suddenly coming out dirty from the faucet
  • Your pump has started to make an unusual noise or has become louder than usual
  • You start to notice a decrease in the water pressure throughout your home
  • Air has started to spit from your faucet when you turn it on
  • Your electric bill has started to become higher than usual

If you notice any of these signs, you should shut off the power to your pump and to your water heater in order to avoid any further damage. You should then contact an expert to make the necessary repairs or to replace your pump if necessary. To learn more, contact Pump Service Idaho today!

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